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We recruit new members every season, most of whom don't know how to waterski! 


Many athletes on our team developed their skills as waterskiers throughout their collegiate careers.

With our continued support from our peers, coaches, and Alumni, Newbies are able to at least stand up on a slalom ski, learn a few tricks on the trick ski, or land a jump! 

If you're a Lake Baby, our team's coaching network and team dynamic ensures you'll leave this team a better skier than when you joined. 

Our team's passion and excitement has even driven us to NCWSA Waterski Nationals! 

The 2023 Team on the Quad (Left to Right): Joe Williams (Groany/President), Sammie Waldron (BG/Recruitment), Ian Crone (Skiian/FUNdraiser), Wednesday Babcock (Aurora), Stevie (he's Fast)

If you’re interested in joining the team, we invite you to reach out so that we can give you an introduction to our club, and a free day at our lake! It's a great way to meet the team and enjoy a wonderful day out on the water, with no financial commitment.

How to get started:

  • Contact any current team member

  • Reach out to us on Instagram 

  • Meetings are held every Tuesday -- feel free to stop by and hang out!

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