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 We do our best to raise and maintain the funds available to us, but waterskiing is an expensive sport! Whether it be traveling across the country to compete at Nationals or simply buying new gear, we appreciate anything you can offer. We want to give those the opportunity to support our club by whatever means possible. 

Our monetary goals as a team are:

1. To have gear that is accessible for members with different skill levels and body types.

2. To be able to maintain gear, equipment, and the facilities that we utilize at a sustainable rate. 

3. To ensure that our athletes can train and compete regionally and nationally at a reasonable cost (we are college students, after all).

Please reach out to our designated Fundraising Officer for any donation/fundraising inquiries. 


Fundraising Officer

Ian Crone

(530) 613-7244


Fundraising is a large part of how our team makes the money we use to buy new gear and pay for the gas that pulls our boat. For any organization interested in partnering with us for fundraising opportunities please reach out to our Fundraising Officer!



There are many ways you can help support our athletes!

  1. Item donations: directly donate gear, brand clothing/accessories.

  2. Monetary donations:  these assist with boat maintenance, lake membership fees, tournament transport, and equipment purchases.

  3. Promotional discounts: Discounts or special offers on your products will allow our team to spread out our limited monetary resources. This could help us order the new ski we’ve had our eye on, invest in additional equipment, or get swagged out representing your brand at tournaments.​


We would love to form affiliate connections and represent you at tournaments, online, or on campus!


Any and all donations are sincerely appreciated and go a long way in supporting our team. Please contact our Fundraising Officer if you would like to consider making a donation.

Thank you!


An INSANE donation by Matt Moore from Real Frequency and Chris Parrish, pro waterskier.


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Chris Parrish, pro waterskier.

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