We are the UCD Unicorns, a co-ed sports club where waterskiing and wakeboarding is our passion. The club has about 20 members currently on the team, with a diverse range of skill levels. We are always looking for new members to join and share in the experiences of being on the UC Davis Waterski and Wakeboard team. The team has a great set up, competes in collegiate tournaments, and most importantly has a lot of fun!

Our Setup
The Lake: Bell Acqua Lake 1

Bell Acqua is one of the premier private water-ski sites on the West Coast. Conveniently located only 30 minutes from Davis, the site offers a slalom course and a jump ramp. The team is allowed to ski at the site Monday through Friday. Team equipment is available for members and includes the following: jump skis, trick skis, wakeboards, slalom skis, and life jackets.


The Team Boat: 2015 Malibu Response Tournament Boat

Thanks to our alumni, sponsors, family, and team fundraising we purchased a new boat in the fall of 2017. A special thanks to Sporting Edge Ski & Marine for giving us such a great deal on our new boat! 



The UC Davis Waterski & Wakeboard Team competes in about four tournaments per season. Collegiate tournaments include three events: slalom, trick, and jump. Each event may also be done using a wakeboard. Competing is optional, but we encourage all members to attend the tournaments to cheer on fellow teammates. Traveling and meeting competitors from different schools create many memorable moments.